Round Umbrellas for professional use

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All umbrellas are made of special aluminium alloy with very high hardness. They have 8 ribs with dimensions as described in the table below.

The umbrella shaft is galvanized, painted electrostatic in white, with dimensions as described in the table below.



This type has an external mechanism consisting of two double stainless steel rollers and a rope for easy pole movement.



  1. Selfcleaning fabric: Double side coating, 100% Waterproof Polyester with Selfcleaning process, which makes it to remain clean for double duration of common fabrics.

(Weight: 450 gr/m²).

  1. Acrylic fabric: Waterproof, suitable for applications with strong color fastness.


Umbrellas’ screws and rings are stainless.


At the top of the fabric there is an air duct in order to expel any air force.