Ready sewn awning fabric

Fill in the fields and create a new awning fabric in your own dimensions for your awning system, ready to be installed/placed. (The system adds 70cm height for the case, valance and wrap around the tube)

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With your dimensions you can see the price of replacement ready sewn awning fabric for all the types of systems

Technical Specifications

  • Printed - Ecru fabric: Single side coating (light beige exterior side), Printed in side, 100% Polyester, 100% waterproof
  • Printed – light yellow fabric: Single side coating (light yellow exterior side), Printed in side 100% Polyester, 100% waterproof
  • Monochrome or striped acrylic fabric: Double sided, high color resitance, 60% waterproof
  • Selfcleaning fabric: Double side coating, 100% Polyester, 100% Waterproof with Selfcleaning process, which makes it to remain clean for double duration of common fabrics
  • The collection of fabrics we selected for you is from Das, Dickson, Calbari, Mehler
  • PVC (Transparent gelatin/ vinyl): 0.8 mm width with UV Super Clear filters
  • Canvas awnings: high-resistant PVC Polymar canvas
  • Off white stock selection: Double side coating, 100% Polyester, 80% waterproof


  • Monochrome and Printed selfcleaning fabrics: 8 years manufacturer warranty on the terms of each company 
  • Ecru-Ecru stock selection: 1 year
  • Quattro Ecru selection:     3 years

Roller sizing

  1. Wall-to-wall

You measure the wall-to-wall width and minus a centimeter or a half totally in order to be avoided any defects in walls.

For the height you measure the total opening height.

  1. Out of the window (not wall-to-wall)

It should be given 5 cm width on each side in order to cover any wall abnormality. You must know that the fabric is always 2 cm narrower on each side. So if you want to cover a 5 cm wall with fabric, you need to add (5 + 2) for the mechanism on each side.

For example, if you have 1.30 opening width, you should add 7 cm  on each side, which means you will order (1.30 + 7 + 7) cm = 1.44 cm width.

The height in this sleeve should be at least + 8 cm bigger while the bottom side you measure till the point you want to reach. .

If you have windows that open inwards, the roller picking up should be noticed for opening the window. That means it should be added around 12 cm to be sure.

Note: Please take the measurements very carefully, because the systems are manufactured exclusively according to the dimensions that you tell us.

Therefore, refunds due to incorrect dimensions are not accepted.

For any further information please call us at 2110123522.