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Find out the price and order, cover fabrics for all types of pergolas and structures. Waterproof fabrics 100%. Free delivery for all cιties of Greece


  • Monochrome fabric: Double side coating, 100% Waterproof Polyester
  • Selfcleaning fabric: Double side coating, 100% Polyester, 100% Waterproof with Selfcleaning process, which makes it to remain clean for double duration of common fabrics
  • Normal fabric: Double side coating, 100% Polyester, 80% waterproof
  • Quattro fabric: Double side coating,100% Polyester, 100% waterproof
  • PVC canvas: Double side coating, 100% Polyester, 100% Waterproof, high resistant (Blackout - 100% Sun shadow)

Fabric warranty:

Selfcleaning and PVC 8 years, Normal 1 year, Quattro 3 years

Make sure that the fabrics are well-tightened to avoid coating damage by the air.

The fabric will be delivered to your chosen dimensions. Deviation in the dimensions up to 2% is considered normal.

In case you want side coverage, please see the vertical awning system with hooks (rido) or the awning system with vertical drivers rido (cassette type)

Sizing of awning fabric

It may sound tricky but it is easy through to measure and order a new fabric for any awning system with any dimensions, ready for installation.

At first you need to know how to take measurements. Only two dimensions determine each fabric, which are its length and height.

Measure the dimension of your old fabric on the shaft (top) or on the balance weight (bottom) and fill in the field “Length in cm (cm)”.

In the following, measure the dimension from the top of the shaft to the bottom of the system in full growth/projection and fill in the field “Height in cm (cm)”. The fabric for wrapping on the shaft, the sleeve and the valance is calculated automatically.

In a simple way….

1st step: measure the length of the awning/fabric, as well as measure the distance from one side to the other that you want to cover.

2nd step: measure the height, which means from the top (ceiling) to the rail.

The measurement is completed and then it is needed to select through the fabric type that you are interested in.

You should fill in the appropriate fields with the dimensions of the surfaces that you measured and then you will have the total cost automatically.

Finally with one click place the order of the awning system that you want.

For any further information or a phone order, you can contact us at 211 0123522

Pergola sizing

1) For Strips

Follow the next simple steps in order to measure properly the strip dimensions.

  1. STRIP LENGTH: You pass a measuring tape or a string from the first to the last pergola beam following the path of fabric strip (ie above and below pergola beams), keep it tense and measure in cm.
  2. STRIP WIDTH: Firstly, you find the number of lanes. You measure the width of pergola internally in cm and divide it with an integer number of strips (preferably odd number). The result gives us the width of each strip. For purely aesthetic reasons, strips with a width of more than 75cm are not recommended.

2) Single Coverage

For covering your pergola with a single fabric, you will measure the 4 sides of the construction.

If your construction is not tetragonical or rectangular, it wil needed to give us the dimensions of the diagonals (the straight line joining two opposite corners).

Roller sizing

  1. Wall-to-wall

You measure the wall-to-wall width and minus a centimeter or a half totally in order to be avoided any defects in walls.

For the height you measure the total opening height.

  1. Out of the window (not wall-to-wall)

It should be given 5 cm width on each side in order to cover any wall abnormality. You must know that the fabric is always 2 cm narrower on each side. So if you want to cover a 5 cm wall with fabric, you need to add (5 + 2) for the mechanism on each side.

For example, if you have 1.30 opening width, you should add 7 cm  on each side, which means you will order (1.30 + 7 + 7) cm = 1.44 cm width.

The height in this sleeve should be at least + 8 cm bigger while the bottom side you measure till the point you want to reach. .

If you have windows that open inwards, the roller picking up should be noticed for opening the window. That means it should be added around 12 cm to be sure.

Note: Please take the measurements very carefully, because the systems are manufactured exclusively according to the dimensions that you tell us.

Therefore, refunds due to incorrect dimensions are not accepted.

For any further information please call us at 2110123522.